Why Advertising Agencies Love Wowzi
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Why Advertising Agencies Love Wowzi

Brian Mogeni
Brian Mogeni
October 26, 2020

Advertising Agencies Working With Wowzi in Africa

Few people have propelled the industrial revolution like advertising agencies. They are custodians of modern art and revealers of culture and what makes us human.

The best of them left us with big ideas that outlived them. The gentleman in Johnny Walker is still walking since I was a little child. The Coca Cola Santa Claus visits me every Christmas. Goat Milk still makes me chuckle when I think about a simple idea behind the world’s milk-drinking revolution.

Wowzi is super excited that some of the biggest ad agencies in the world have now signed us up as vendors! Wowzi co-founder Mike Otieno had a chat with several agencies to find out what-about Wowzi they care about. Below is a synthesis of some of the answers from the conversations.

1. Power of “A Person like Me”

People trust people who look like them. A lot of purchasing decisions are a result of personal recommendations. For instance, a lady asking her closest friend which salon they go to and trying it out themselves. For the first time, a person visiting Kenya would reach out to his friends to find out where they could secure excellent accommodation or where to eat, and other cool places to visit.

For a while now, we’ve been trying to figure out how we can help our clients’ scale word-of-mouth marketing. Wowzi’s approach of making everyone an influencer opens up a new world of possibilities than ever before. It’s changing marketing, as many of you and we know it.

2. Evidence-Based Marketing

The Covid situation has had most of our clients get tighter on their marketing budgets. The days of splashing budgets all over are long gone. They all want to get a bang for their back. You might have heard of the saying, “half of our marketing budget is wasted.The problem is that we don’t know which half.”

Platforms such as Wowzi help us to put some measurements on everything we do. We can iterate, find what works, and scale that. This means that the route to the conversion journey is outrightly clear. The Return on Investment(ROI) is, therefore, felt every step of the way.

3. Speed of Execution

Time is our biggest resource. The market is getting more and more competitive. Digital has created a broader market but, at the same time, created a lot of noise. For our clients to stand out, they need to be distinct to stand out.

Before Wowzi, I spent a lot of time finding, vetting, and managing my own influencer campaigns. Today it takes me 5 minutes on the Wowzi platform, and my campaign is live! I feel like Wowzi is an extension of my team. We think of Wowzi as a thought partner.

4. Scale Potential

A lot of our work is national and regional. We’ve been looking for a solution that can scale with us. How do we reach rural populations? How do we connect with our target audience in different parts of Africa?

Wowzi’s technical ability to run influencer campaigns across 13 different African countries and nationally in Kenya is quite attractive.

5. Youth demography

By 2030, young Africans are expected to make up 42 percent of the world’s youth population and account for 75 percent of those under age 35 in Africa. This is the most important demography for forward-thinking brands.

A lot of brands need to appeal to the youth now if they are to stay relevant. For them to tap into this demography, a total rethink in their marketing methods is necessary.

The fact that the majority of Wowzi influencers are within this demography is super exciting. We can craft unique and dynamic campaigns that target youth to help our brands appeal to this demography. Let them grow knowing about us!

6. Dynamism

Content is King and Queen! At the same time, different social media platforms have their unique use cases. Twitter is great for breaking news, announcing product launches, and creating, sharp-quick-buzz.

Facebook cuts across demography. Everyone is there. From your security guard, house-help, and your taxi driver. Whatsapp has the highest level of trust. People in your phone book tend to be your closest.

We love that with Wowzi, all these platforms are at our disposal. You can iterate and run multi-channel campaigns and explore different content types from video, memes, images, giffs, etc.

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