Frequently asked questions

How does Wowzi work?

Wowzi is an app that connects influencers with jobs posted by advertisers and lets influencers create content within the app. Download today on the Google Play Store.

How do I track my success?

Wowzi has an in-app dashboard that shows you your total upcoming payments,payment history, jobs, job rejections, missed opportunities e.t.c. Tap the bottom-lefticon.

Who can use the Wowzi App?

Anyone with a smartphone and an active social media account.

How do I get paid?

Payments are sent on Monday to the payment method you choose - either throughMobile Money e.g MPESA or Bank Account. All payments are in Ksh.

What social platforms work with Wowzi?

Wowzi works with Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. You can link one or all three accounts while signing up.

Which brands are available on Wowzi?

Wowzi works with a wide range of advertisers ranging from individual businesses to large companies.

How long does it take for my job to be approved?

Jobs are reviewed within one business day.

What is required for my job to pass verification?

All jobs must meet certain guidelines before they can be approved and pushed live into any social platform. Please review these content guidelines & restrictions.

How much do I get paid when I complete a job?

You get paid based on the number of followers you have and the social platform.

How can I maximize my earnings?

The more jobs you accept and complete, the more money you earn.

Where can I change my personal and payment info?

Tap the bottom-right icon to access profile settings.

Why can't I access my account?

If you are not able to access your account, it may be because your account has been locked or your account has been temporarily disabled. Kindly email

How do I sign up for Wowzi?

Wowzi is available for free download on the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store for iOS devices. We have made sign up as quick and easy as possible with Single Sign On (SSO) – which allows users to sign in through Facebook, Google, or with your Apple ID. SSO allows you to stay logged in to your Wowzi account. 

This fast and convenient sign on method allows you to quickly join the Wowzi community and browse available jobs, and check out the Wowzi creator app, without having to enter additional personal details up front. 

Sign on and account creation are just the first step of your onboarding journey. You will still need to complete your profile, link social accounts, add bank details, and verify your identity before you are eligible to complete jobs and get paid. 

If you login via SSO with Facebook, it does not mean you have linked your account to Facebook account to be eligible for Facebook assignments. You will still need to link your Facebook account inside the Wowzi app as a separate step.   

Why am I being asked to update my app and re-authenticate with OTP and Password?

Wowzi cares about your security and data privacy. We have recently updated our systems to better protect accounts.

At this time, you will be required to download the latest version of the Wowzi app and re-authenticate. If you are an existing user or have previously signed up for an account, you may be asked to enter a password. If you do not remember your password, you can always request to reset your password. Going through the OTP process and entering/creating a password helps us confirm that your account really belongs to you–the verified user.  

How can I access support from Wowzi?

You can get in touch with us through the following channels :

1. Our in-app chat box on the Wowzi mobile application.

2. Send us an email through .

3. Call us through 0507808808/0558122700 (Ghana), +254 729 998 980 (Kenya and Nigeria), +255 712 893 343 (Tanzania) and +256 758 889 679 (Uganda) .

What is the Wowzi Rank?

The Wowzi Rank is a score ranging from 0 to 10 that represents the level of achievement for Wowzi creators. It is accompanied by a rank-specific segment that indicates the creator's standing within the platform.

How does the Wowzi Rank work?

Every new Wowzi creator starts at Rank 0 classified into a segment called Newbie Creator. Each creator has the opportunity to rank up by engaging in specific actions and meeting certain criteria. 

The Wowzi Rank is generated based on certain criteria metrics which can be classified as:

  • Good Behavior
  • Bad Behavior

A good behavior is classified as when a creator conforms to expected actions e.g. completing an accepted job. Every Good Behavior contributes to an increase in the ranking score.

A bad behavior is classified as when a creator fails to conform to expected action e.g. failing to complete an accepted job. Every Bad Behavior contributed to a decrease in the ranking score.

As time progresses, creators can continuously engage in Good Behavior actions with the ultimate goal of reaching the Wowzi Rank 10 which sees a creator classified in the Veteran Creator Segment.

What actions contribute to ranking up in Wowzi?

The Wowzi Rank is assigned based on various factors, including:

  • Continuously participating in an increasing number of campaigns
  • Having a high job acceptance rate: Accepting as many job invites as possible.
  • Continuously successfully completing tasks: Consistently accomplishing tasks assigned within campaigns.
  • Having a high task approval rate: Following campaign instructions effectively, which includes fully completing all tasks in accepted jobs and refraining from deleting posts before the stipulated times.
  • Job activity. Not staying for too long without participating in a campaign. Always keep recent activity.
  • Refraining from deleting posts before the stipulated deadline.
  • Submitting good quality content during task completion

How can I increase my Wowzi Rank?

To increase your Wowzi Rank, focus on improving the following:

  • Accept job offers consistently.
  • Engage in a large number of campaigns.
  • Ensure successful completion of tasks assigned to you.
  • Follow campaign instructions accurately and have a high task approval rate.

What are the specific ranks and segments within the Wowzi Rank system?

The Wowzi Rank system consists of various segments, ordered from highest rank to lowest. Here are the segments and their corresponding ranks:

  • Veteran Creator (Rank 10)
  • Super Creator (Rank >= 7 and < 10)
  • Proficient Creator (Rank >= 5 and < 7)
  • Emerging Creator (Rank >= 4.5 and < 5)
  • Intermediate Creator (Rank >= 4 and < 4.5)
  • Junior Creator (Rank >= 3 and < 4)
  • Apprentice Creator (Rank >= 2.5 and < 3)
  • Sophomore Creator (Rank >= 2 and < 2.5)
  • Freshman Creator (Rank >= 1 and < 2)
  • Beginner Creator (Rank 0)
  • Newbie Creator (Rank 0)

What is Digital Content Monetization?

According to the Finance Act, 2023, it means offering for payment entertainment, social, literal, artistic, educational or any other material electronically through any medium or channel, in any of the following forms:

A. advertisement on websites, social media platforms or similar networks by partnering with brands including endorsements from sellers of such Brands;

B. sponsorship where a brand owner pays a content creator for content creation and  promotion;

C. affiliate marketing where the content creator earns a commission whenever the audience of the content creator clicks on the product displayed;

D. subscription services where the audience pays a periodic fee to access the content and support the content creator;

E. offering for use a logo, brand or catchphrase associated with the content creator merchandise sales eBooks, course or software; membership programmes for exclusive content including early access;

F. licensing the content including photographs, music or other businesses or individuals for use in the user’s own projects; or a content creator earns a commission or fees from crowdfunding.

What is the rate chargeable for Withholding Tax on Digital Content Monetization?

According to the Finance Act l, 2023, withholding tax is now applicable on payments made by resident persons to both resident and non-resident digital content creators which are deemed to be income accrued in or derived from Kenya. 

The resident withholding tax rate will be 5% whereas the payments made to non-resident digital content creators will attract withholding tax at 20%.​

Are earnings below KES.. 24, 000/- subject to withholding tax?

Yes, they are. The withholding tax rate is applicable to all income earned through digital content monetization.

When does the withholding tax implementation take effect?

The Finance Act, 2023, took effect on 1st July 2023. Therefore, moving forward, all income shall be subject to withholding tax as above. 

Will I be charged withholding tax per deliverable or per payment?

Kenya Revenue Authority issues withholding tax certificates to each individual entitled to the tax bracket during the tax return period. Content creators can expect to receive withholding tax certificates by email directly from the government. Wowzi does not furnish withholding tax certificates. Enquiries regarding withholding tax certificates should be directed to the appropriate authorities and Wowzi cannot follow up on your behalf.

Will I receive my payment net of withholding tax?

Yes, you will.

I have been remitting withholding tax before the Finance Act, 2023 came to effect. Will I be remitting an additional 5% of my earnings?

No. According to the act, the tax bracket now extends to all persons earning from content creation and not just those within the earning bracket of KES 24,000 and above. For premium creators already earning over KES 24,000 and above monthly who already remit 5% of their total earnings, nothing changes in your case and you continue to pay as you have been to date.

How does the pre-approve content feature on the Wowzi app work?

Once your content is ready to post, it shall require prior approval before you post it. With this feature, you are able to upload your content on the app for feedback before you are able to post it.

How long will a creator post take to be pre-approved?

Once the content is posted for pre-approval, it will immediately be ready for approval.. Once it is approved, it will be ready to post immediately.

What happens when my post gets rejected?

Once a post is rejected, you shall receive feedback on why it was rejected and what you can do to rectify that. Once you rectify, you are able to upload it once more on the app for approval.

Why is my content going through pre-approval?

We want to ensure that content is up to the required standard to both the advertiser and the creator before it is posted online. This is a good avenue to ensure that.

What happens after I get approved for pre-approval?

Once your content has been approved, you shall receive feedback on the app. You can go ahead and post it immediately. 

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is the practice of marketing your product/service through people on social media.

Do I need to pay a subscription fee to use Wowzi?

No, Wowzi is absolutely free as you sign up. You will only pay for the campaign you execute which will include Wowzi’s commission fee. Click on this link to register today!

How does Wowzi work?

Setting up your campaign

  • Set targeting criteria and campaign budget
  • Select the social media channels
  • Set content guidelines

Automated matching and fulfilment of the campaign

  • Wowzi allocates jobs to people within your target criteria
  • Wowzi influencers share campaign content
  • Wowzi verifies the conformity of campaign guidelines

Get targeted exposure with minimum effort

  • Enjoy real-time campaign reports
  • Download campaign reports in csv, pdf or excel
  • Wowzi automates payments to influencers
How do I create campaigns?

Click on the plus sign on the campaign page portal.

How do I improve the success of my campaign?

We've put together our best tips for you here.

We recommend you include:

  • A good description of your brand and business.
  • Clear identification of the do’s and don'ts
How can an advertiser target potential influencers?

Advertisers can target influencers by selecting influencer preferences based on - age, gender, location, income bracket and the number of social media followers.

What campaign types are restricted to run on Wowzi?

Review Wowzi’s content guidelines shared with your email address. You can email

Browser Compatibility

For an optimal site experience, we recommend using the latest versions of the browsers listed below. Using older browser versions can prevent you from accessing some site features and may not function as expected.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari (v. 9 or above)
  • Internet Explorer (v. 11 or above)

If you are using a current version of a supported browser and are encountering a site error:

  • Determine if your internet browser is current
  • Try using a different browser

We’re here for YOU! Reach our support at any time via email :)

How do I run a campaign on the Wowzi advertiser platform?

Here’s a short visual guide on how to run a campaign on the Wowzi advertiser platform

What is the limit to the brands I can create on my advertiser account?

There is no limit. You can create as many brands as you desire.

What is the limit to the influencer groups I can create for my brands?

500 influencer groups at most.

How will an influencer access an engagement contract and sign it?

As soon as the campaign is activated, the influencer will receive the campaign brief via the mobile app. For them to accept the brief fully, they shall need to sign the influencer contract.

What does a campaign report at Wowzi entail?

1. Overview: Number of influencers who participated, budget consumption, campaign brief

2. Influencer Insights: Influencer demographics by age, gender, geographical location, interests, and top posts.

3. Campaign Report: Total campaign spend, total engagement, engagement rate, reach, impressions, cost per engagement (CPE), and graphical representation of content engagement.

What statistics can I access through the campaign report?

Total campaign spend, total engagement, engagement rate, reach, impressions, cost per engagement (CPE), and graphical representation of content engagement.

Can I get a downloadable format of the campaign report on my account?

Yes, you can. It is accessible on your brand and campaigns page for each campaign. You can also extract a report from each of the tabs on the reporting page (Overview, Influencer Insights, Campaign Reports)

How do I select the influencers I want to involve in my campaign?

1. Self-selection: You can select the influencers that fit your brand based on different offered criteria

2. Auto selection: This option lets you pick influencers you want to participate in the campaign

3. Custom Group: Tap into existing groups of creators to create campaigns with.

What criteria are applied to selecting influencers to run a campaign?

Platform, Age Group, Gender, Country, City, Income Category, Brand Interests (What they post about on Social Media), Content Creator Types, Occupation, Influencer Levels

What should I expect from my account manager throughout an influencer campaign with Wowzi?

1. Campaign reports. Apart from the real-time campaign performance monitored through your advertiser account, you shall also receive a comprehensive campaign report from the account manager detailing the overall performance of your campaign in different aspects e.g reach, engagement rate, sentiment score, and ROI, in close comparison to the goals you set to be achieved through the campaign.

2. Campaign execution support. The account manager will update you on the campaign's performance throughout the campaign period with periodic updates by email. We shall also be on call to assist with any aid you need during the campaign.

3. Campaign execution proposal. Our platform allows the advertiser to search and discover content creators in our pool who will fit the campaign goals and budget. The account manager will also share with you a detailed Goal based campaign execution proposal after carrying a discovery call to understand your needs for the campaign. Once the proposal is approved, the account manager then spearheads the kick-off.

How does Wowzi work to ensure the safety and privacy of the creator community?

1. Security features on the Wowzi application. Our app is equipped with features such as Smile ID which helps identify creators joining the app’s authentic identity, One Time Password when logging into the app, Face ID for iOS users when logging into the app, and Single sign-on using Google and  Facebook accounts.

2. Social media profile verification.  Wowzi has a dedicated to that do constant checks to identify the creator’s actual social accounts to prevent fraud. Our system automatically rejects pseudo accounts or accounts connected that don’t match creator profiles.

3. We are GDPR policy-compliant. Access to our pool of influencers is only done through joining our platform. We do not share content creator data with our clients or third-party partners outside our platform. 

How do I set up an advertiser account?

1. On the Wowzi website, click on the login button on the top right side of your screen. You shall encounter the login page with an option at the bottom right to sign up in case you still need an account. Click on the sign-up text.

Log in page on the Wowzi website.

Once you key in your email address, you shall receive a confirmation link in your email. Clicking the link will lead you to the profile completion page. You shall be required to key in information unique to your company.

Once completed, you can now log in to your advertiser account, create a brand account, access and enjoy the advertiser features that Wowzi has to offer.

How do I set achievable campaign KPIs on a tight budget?

Having a tight campaign budget does not mean you don’t get to achieve your campaign goals a 100%. Wowzi is able to create a customized plan for you with creators that fit your brand message, and your campaign goals. Regardless of the budget you have for the campaign.

Our expert campaign fulfillment team is also able to advise based on your expectations and budget, what you will be able to achieve realistically with your campaign budget.

For any social media campaign, 3 main goals come into play, thus informing the kind of results one would get :

1. For awareness of a product/service, it would be prudent to measure the extent to which the message pushed reached the target audience.

2. If you’d like to push focused conversation/talkability around a product/service, the sentiment score of the campaign would be able to measure how effective the conversation was.

3. If you are looking to convert the message pushed to purchase or a specific interaction with a product or service, then the campaign's engagement rate would be able to predict how likely that will be.

Based on your campaign goals and budget, you can customize your campaign brief around the three goals above. Our expert campaign fulfillment team is also able to advise based on your expectations and budget, what you will be able to achieve realistically with your campaign budget.

How do I develop custom influencer groups that can be used over and over again?

1. Log in. Access the Login by clicking the Log In button on the top right side of your screen on Log into your advertiser account.

2. Create a brand. On the top right of your screen, click on “Create brand”. Create your brand and click on the brand created. You will access a dashboard with features like campaigns, reports, contracts, and influencer groups (inf groups)

Influencer group page on the Wowzi platform

3. Click “New Group” on the top right side of your screen. You will be prompted to fill in your influencer group name and description of your group. Upon clicking Create, you shall receive an invite code with which individual influencers can be added to the group through our mobile app.

Influencer group page on the Wowzi platform

As part of the campaign setup, you are able to access and select specific content creators to join your created group. Here’s a short visual tutorial on how to discover influencers on our platform and add them to a custom group.

How can I set up an influencer campaign on the Wowzi platform?

1. Log in. Access the Login by clicking the Log In button on the top right side of your screen on Log into your advertiser account. 

Log in page on Wowzi.

2. Create a brand. On the top right of your screen, click on “Create brand”. Create your brand and click on the brand created. You will have access to a dashboard with features like campaigns, reports, contracts, and influencer groups (inf groups)

Find here a short visual tutorial on how you can proceed to set up and run your first campaign with Wowzi.

Get started with Wowzi

Our accounts team is standing by ready to help you jumpstart your influencer marketing and insights journey. You can be up and running in minutes with your next campaign!