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Wowzi lets you leverage social capital and trust through unique online and offline communities. We groom talent and group interest groups so you can launch high-impact, targeted campaigns.

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Go premium to unlock groundbreaking grouping and targeting features

Upgrade to a Premium Wowzi Account for instant access to a range of enhanced features that put you and your team in the driver seat of selecting and grouping the most in-demand influencers in every market.

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Create custom creator groups

Create up to 50 custom groups selecting individual creators, choosing your favourite creators and super fans, existing brand ambassadors, etc.

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Add custom pricing

Select standard payment rates for influencers based on reach and engagement, or enter a pre-negotiated price directly as you set up your campaign.

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Concierge services for celebrity personalities

White glove service and enhanced campaign management for your most important messengers before, during, and following campaigns.

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Strategy & advisory services

Work with our expert strategists to optimize campaign design and execution tactics.

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Access insights & market intelligence

Demographic details, geography, income level, profession, key interests.

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Enhanced profiles

Get a much deeper sense of premium creators' interests and audiences with more customized job asks.

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Draw powerful market intelligence

With our premium package, you'll be in full control of campaigns with enhanced targeting and performance marketing features. Our insights tools allow you to develop hyper localised market intelligence. Creators become your eyes and ears on the ground and become a better, more trustworthy source of primary data than traditional focus groups.

  • Gather baseline data and track movement
  • Understand pricing and purchasing behaviours
  • Evaluate packaging and promotion tactics
  • Identify micro-trends
  • Evaluate packaging and promotion tactics
  • Empower and stay in touch with GenZ youth

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Meeting the highest global levels of security

Wowzi is designed to comply with the highest global protocols for data protection and security. Security is of utmost importance to us as a company with global ambitions, serving premier clients with global reach. It is also critical to building trust with the millions of creators who choose to earn with Wowzi. Wowzi is GDPR compliant and puts every user in control of their data.

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