Your transparent, easy-to-use home base for end-to-end campaign management

Be up and running in minutes with massive, national creator social marketing campaigns or get hyper locally with a few
trusted creators in one place.

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The Ultimate Campaign Setup, Management, and Analytics Engine

Achieve significant time and cost savings in running and managing your campaigns with our end-to-end solution built from the ground up to serve pan-African and local campaigns, with advanced analytics views and collaboration tools designed with enterprise brands and agency networks in mind. And SMEs can now truly leverage the power of best-in-class tech to launch campaigns as well!

Ultimate flexibility in setting up and managing workspace settings and permissions

Take team collaboration to the next level. Share controlled access to each brand with the following access levels:
1.Account Owner: Has full admin access to the entire workspace and can manage other team member access
2.Account Manager: Can create campaigns and has full access to brands they've been invited to
3.Viewer: Has view only access to brands they've been invited to 

Highly customizable workspace “Clusters” for aggregated campaign data

Organize your work in the way that best suits you, aggregating views of campaign activity across different regions and industries. This is ideal for agencies managing complex networks of service delivery partners, across multiple brands and regions simultaneously. 

Advanced analytics dashboard to enable data driven account management

Monitor budget consumption, evaluate the performance of particular creators and groups, and drill down into the specific metrics that matter most to you, all in one space. 

Live campaign tracking and easy content management systems

Setting up and running campaigns has never been easier as you issue your brief to potentially thousands of diverse creators and then assign roles to internal contributors to pre-approve content in our system and give iterative feedback on content submissions, ensuring a high level of brand integrity and security while running campaigns. Access a permanent record of what went live and when, and review who approved what pieces of content to go live.

Groundbreaking Automations for Contracting, Payments, Compliance, and Reporting

Campaign management is an ensemble effort with numerous stakeholders within your organization involved in campaign management. From finance to legal, we’re empowering team collaboration with reporting, compliance, pricing, and contracting to ensure everyone has exactly what they need at all times.

Wowzi is on a mission to create 1 million dignified jobs for African creators in 2023

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Wowzi lets you leverage social capital and trust through unique online and offline communities. We groom talent and group interest groups so you can launch high-impact, targeted campaigns.

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Meeting the highest global levels of security

Wowzi is designed to comply with the highest global protocols for data protection and security. Security is of utmost importance to us as a company with global ambitions, serving premier clients with global reach. It is also critical to building trust with the millions of creators who choose to earn with Wowzi. Wowzi is GDPR compliant and puts every user in control of their data.

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