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Anyone with a phone and an internet connection can earn money from brands in just a few easy steps. We are empowering the next generation of  African creators, creating a new class of media entrepreneurs.

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Welcome to the future of work

We help creators take charge of their own creator journey through the Wowzi app. Creators can accept job invites from their phones on the go, and dial up or down their engagement on the platform at their own pace. Between "influence" jobs and "insights" jobs offers—Wowzi creators can effectively supplement their income when they need it. Ongoing training programs help creators level up their skills to earn even more as they build their personal brands and deepen relationships with their followers.

Wowzi actively grooms creator talent through a rigorous onboarding and training process, so that creators are ready and able to serve brands. This lightweight on-the-job training embodies the future of work for the gig economy, as opposed to creating lengthy, expensive credentialing. Wowzi creators are ready to perform jobs for brands within days of becoming verified users.

Download & sign up

It’s as easy as downloading the Wowzi app, adding personal details and smiling for the camera.

Opt in to job offers

Creators get invited to accept jobs that have been offered on their brand "fit".

Create & submit draft posts

Creators get invited to accept jobs that have been offered on their brand "fit".

Create & submit draft posts

Influencers create posts based on the brief and submit it to the Wowzi team for verification.

Timed, coordinated live post

Once approved, the influencer is free to post live at the given time or day on the specified social channel.

Job completion verification

Wowzi moderators monitor posts and verify that the work was completed in full before payment is released.

What is your creator score?

Know your creator social score by completing campaigns on Wowzi. Are you a newbie or a veteran creator?

Wowzi Cares About Creators

Wowzi is in the business of creating jobs. Our mission is to connect capacity to opportunity. Our creator platform is helping nurture a new generation of creators across emerging markets. Our work directly supports SDG 8 - to create decent work and inclusive growth.

We are committed to creating 1 million jobs in 2023 for African creators, and have global ambitions in the near future to support many more digital economy jobs.

We're always adding more and more ways to earn with Wowzi

We get it. Creators don't want to post all the time on social media to earn—and in fact there are many ways they can support brands while they're not actively on social media.

Wowzi gives creators the flexibility and agency to choose the different kinds of work they want to engage in on behalf of brands, development partners, and researchers. The Wowzi promise to creators is that we'll continue to design more and more ways for people earn through the app, in ways that suit their lifestyle.

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Wowzi Creator Tiers


250 - 5,000


5,001 - 30,000


30,001 - 100,000


100,001 - 500,00



Discover the power of nanos

Nano creators are everyday people with 250 to 5,000 followers, and they make up the majority of users on social media today. Nanos generally have deeper connections and relationships with their followers than mega celebrity personalities, and hold a higher level of engagement and trust by their followers.

Boost engagement

Nanos have been shown to garner 3x engagement levels over celebrities, because nanos create content that is highly relevant to their followers — conversation at this level leads to higher conversion and sales leads for brands. Influence happens everywhere, every day, and it's always on.

Create growth

Due to the volume of nanos on social media, campaigns can be scaled through technology to levels never before possible. Wowzi's proprietary technology can seamlessly engage thousands of nanos at the drop of a hat, which can lead to unparalleled results for brands and unrivalled value for money.

Nano influencers
Start trends

Nanos are the booster rocket that helps campaigns surge and trend. Wowzi works with all levels of influencer tiers from the smallest to the largest celebrities. The power of our platform lies in bringing multiple tiers of creators together to rally around a message.