Brand Positioning: What Brands Are Doing to Make the Difference
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Brand Positioning: What Brands Are Doing to Make the Difference

Victoria Mutai
Victoria Mutai
July 13, 2020

An Effective Brand positioning Strategy Brings out Competitive Uniqueness.

What makes brands like Coca Cola, Amazon, Safaricom, and Kenya Airways of this world stand shoulders high above their peers?

Is it their corporate jargon or customer-centric approach that tickles, or there’s something more than meets the eyes?

Now, for such brands to be market-leaders in their niche, it means that there’s something they’re doing right. And most certainly it has to do with their branding, right?

If you’ve been following up on these big brands or their pioneers, you’ve probably come across or heard the concept of brand positioning. If you haven’t, then read on.

What’s Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is the act of creating a unique impression in the minds of the consumers and the target market. Your brand strategy defines how your marketing strategy will come to play.

In today’s age and time, you stand to fall behind the rest of the pack within your industry if you do not create a powerful brand. And by that, I mean a brand that will capture the minds of people most spectacularly and want to be part of it.

In this post, we’re going to look at what brands are doing concerning brand positioning in alignment with their marketing strategy.

Let’s delve into some of these approaches as part of their marketing strategies:

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1. Ingenious Advertising — Resilient Appeal for Key Demographic

If you’re talking of delivering stylish identifiable ads and ingenious use of sponsorship with social media popularity (over 19 million Facebook likes), then Heineken is that brand!

The ‘Open Your World’ global campaign tagline did the magic and revived their marketing efforts that frantically appealed to the millennial male audience. With that demography, it meant that the brand invested substantially in sport sponsorship.

UEFA Champions League is no daunting one of the most established leagues thanks to a well-integrated multi-channel marketing strategy.

The ingenuity of the brand is a brilliant combination of creativity with ardent-focus on their key demographic, and continuously scaling that across several territories.

In fact, the said campaign had a series of editions of developed local performances and digital add-ons that reinforced the campaigns messaging, reaching out to new audiences, both on social media and on the ground.

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2. The Usage of Chatbots as Part of Communication

Recently, how consumers want to indulge with a brand has significantly changed. Consumers now fancy having some conversation with the product or advertisers, making chatbots a common phenomenon.

Social media communication through chatbots is now integrating influencers, social media users, and advertisers, making communication easier.

Barely, every website or application uses chatbots, and the beauty of it is the sheer form of communication. For example, Wowzi technologies, an influencer marketing company, use Intercom for their customer support enquires.

Influencers have a chance to get all their questions responded to on real-time through customer support.

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3. The Application of Data Analytics

Any brand that enjoys online presence understands the significance of using customer data to inform business decisions. And that squarely depends on big data mining and analytics. For instance, predictive analytics defines the advertiser’s target clients.

Netflix is a perfect example of a brand that employs big data analytics as a marketing strategy. Have you ever received suggestions for the next movies you should watch from Netflix as a subscriber?

If you have, then know that Netflix has drawn that data from your past search and watch data, which pretty explains why data analytic is crucial.

4. Converting Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

If you’re in influencer marketing, you’re probably working with different types of influencers. But do you know that you can convert loyal customers into brand advocates?

Here’s the thing. Your loyal customers can turn out to be your best advocate and propel your brand to the next level. All you need to do is identify the right mix and start making their loyalty count.

One brilliant way is by getting up-close and personal with your customers. Let your customers know they’re special — it may be through customized recommendations for products or an email on their birthday accompanied with a celebratory gift coupon.

Just the same way we show appreciation to our friends and family members, brands should think of ways to reciprocate their customers.

Wowzi technologies often reward their influencers, especially those that drive high engagements on their posts during social media campaigns as part of their marketing strategy, which works perfectly!

Anyone who would wish to learn more about this brilliant platform can download the Wowzi App from Google play store free of charge and enjoy the customer experience.

Who knows, you might be the next brand advocate for Wowzi


The majority of big brand powerhouses have a well-laid-out brand positioning strategy that contributes to their success. However, that success comes with the constant pumping of their identity in consumers’ minds and specific values about their brand.

Brands will come and go, but those that will ensure that their brand positioning aligns with their marketing strategies will stand amongst the best.