Case Study: Coca-Cola With Meals Tanzania - A Flavorful Journey with Wowzi Creators
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Case Study: Coca-Cola With Meals Tanzania - A Flavorful Journey with Wowzi Creators

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
March 12, 2024

Brand Introduction:

Coca-Cola, the iconic carbonated soft drink, sought to enhance its brand narrative through the Coke With Meals Campaign in Tanzania. The campaign aimed to showcase the joy of shared meals paired with Coca-Cola, leveraging the influence of creators on the Wowzi platform.


Coca-Cola embraced a narrative that centered around shared experiences and togetherness. The brand aimed to tap into the emotional connections people have with meals and position Coca-Cola as an integral part of those moments. Wowzi, of course, facilitated the collaboration between Coca-Cola and diverse creators to amplify this narrative.

Our Strategy:

  • Authentic Integration: Our creators seamlessly integrated Coca-Cola into their everyday meal experiences, emphasizing authenticity and relatability.
  • Narrative Consistency: A unified theme of "Coke With Meals" was maintained across influencers, ensuring a cohesive and memorable campaign story.
  • Emotional Resonance: Creators were encouraged to highlight the emotional aspect of shared moments, reinforcing Coca-Cola as a companion in joyous occasions.

Big Beautiful Highlights:

Influencers on our platform brought the campaign to life with stunning visuals. Their shared photos depicted not just the product but the emotions and connections associated with enjoying meals together. From casual gatherings to festive celebrations, each post became a visual feast, leaving viewers drooling for both Coca-Cola and the shared experiences.


The Coca-Cola With Meals Campaign in Tanzania, powered by Wowzi creators, exemplifies the potent combination of influencer marketing and authentic storytelling. With a strong emphasis on genuine moments, emotional connections, and visually captivating content, the campaign achieved significant reach, video views, and engagements, solidifying Coca-Cola's presence as a brand that enriches shared experiences.