How Nivea Partnered With Us For #NiveaFavPiece Campaign
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How Nivea Partnered With Us For #NiveaFavPiece Campaign

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
September 7, 2022


Nivea is one of the world’s largest skin care brands with over 50 products. Nivea approached Wowzi to launch #NiveaFavPiece influencer marketing campaign with the objective of Creating awareness of the different Nivea products, increase product knowledge and also to help re-introduce the brand in the market as a youth fun loving brand.


We recommended TikTok since it lines up with the  Gen-Z demographic and Tiktok’s media vibe aligns with the Nivea campaign approach. Wowzi hired 10 budding Tiktok influencers to share a variety of different Nivea products by use of  two of TikTok’s most effective and magical viral ingredients: sounds, transitions and dances coupled it up with a choreographed organic hashtag challenge where #NiveaFavePiece went viral.

The goal of this whole activation was to showcase NIVEA in a fun way so that users can begin to build positive brand connotations. We knew the best way to do this was to trust those who spend 24/7 creating content on TIKTOK and know their audiences' likes and dislikes better than anyone. So, we gave our influencers creative freedom to align their videos with their personal brand and audiences, essentially “making it their own.”


The top-tier content creators on Tiktok promoted the #NiveaFavPiece campaign and showed audiences how easily they incorporate Nivea Black and White deo while getting ready everyday. The versatility of creators allowed Nivea to be seen by a variety of key audiences on the app. The campaign performed exceedingly well with analytics coming in at over 1.7million views, and an engagement of 17.42% and 95%sentiment score.