Case Study: Wowzi's Influencer Platform Elevates FHI 360 Campaign in Tanzania
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Case Study: Wowzi's Influencer Platform Elevates FHI 360 Campaign in Tanzania

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
June 8, 2023

Blanq Marketing and Communication approached Wowzi to implement a powerful influencer campaign for FHI 360 in Tanzania. This initiative focused on raising awareness and engaging the target audience on the importance of vaccination.


To generate awareness, our team strategically selected three macro influencers from the Wowzi platform. These influencers aligned with the brand's demographic and interests and possessed the ability to convey the brand's message effectively, fostering resonance among the target audience.

The campaign leveraged the influence of three key influencers; Motown SanyaFrida Amani, and Irene Mbowe

The influencers utilized various social media platforms, predominantly Instagram, the campaign disseminated compelling content and actively engaged with the audience.

Campaign Performance Summary:

The campaign delivered an impressive total of 21 content pieces, including reels and static posts. To assess its success, key performance metrics were measured, such as total engagements, engagement rate, activated community, views, likes, and comments.

Total Engagements:

The campaign garnered a remarkable total of 117,954 engagements, demonstrating a high level of audience interaction and interest. This metric encompasses likes, comments, shares, and other forms of engagement with the content.

Engagement Rate:

The campaign achieved an overall engagement rate of 10.53%, indicating that more than 10% of the audience actively engaged with the content they viewed. This high engagement rate signifies a successful resonance with the target audience.

Activated Community:

The campaign successfully activated a community of 1.12 million individuals, representing the significant reach and potential impact on the target audience.

Total Views, Likes, and Comments:

The campaign generated a total of 107,933 views, 9,868 likes, and 153 comments. These metrics reflect the audience's interest and level of engagement with the influencers' shared content.

Key Findings and Recommendations:

Based on the campaign's performance and additional insights, several key findings and recommendations emerged:

Video Content Drives Higher Engagement:

Reels experienced higher engagement compared to static posts, suggesting that video content captures and retains audience attention more effectively. For future campaigns, prioritizing video-driven content is recommended to maximize engagement.

Leveraging Stories for Static Posts:

To boost engagement with static content, leveraging Instagram stories can be an effective strategy. Stories provide interactive elements such as polls, swipe-ups, and direct audience engagement. Integrating stories alongside static posts can enhance their performance and reach.

Influencer-Generated Content Resonates:

The influencers involved in the campaign created authentic and relatable content that resonated with their audiences. Positive sentiments expressed through comments and Instagram stories responses emphasize the importance of selecting influencers who align with campaign objectives and target audience.

Expansion of Influencer Network:

To further amplify reach and organic content generation, collaborating with additional influencers is recommended. Engaging a broader range of influencers enables the campaign to tap into different audience segments, leading to increased engagement and awareness.

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The FHI 360 Influencer Campaign in Tanzania achieved successful engagement and reach through Wowzi's influencer platform and strategic use of social media channels. The campaign's impressive performance, marked by a high engagement rate, activated community, and positive audience response, clearly demonstrates the accomplishment of its awareness-raising objectives. The key findings and recommendations provide valuable insights for optimizing future influencer campaigns and leveraging video content to drive higher engagement.

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