Google Search Campaign Case Study: Increasing Google Search Engagement in Kenya With Influencer Marketing With Wowzi
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Google Search Campaign Case Study: Increasing Google Search Engagement in Kenya With Influencer Marketing With Wowzi

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
June 23, 2023

Google is well-known for its creative products and services that have changed the way people access information and communicate with the rest of the world. Google launched a search campaign in Kenya to boost awareness and encourage the use of important Google Search capabilities among Kenyan youth, as part of its commitment to empowering people. A deliberate method was designed to do this, harnessing micro-influencers and content makers in Kenya that cater to specific audiences in sports, jobs, and current news. Influencers were issued unique deep links to track activations and analyze campaign impact through a focused selection process.

Approach And Strategy

The campaign's primary goal was to drive awareness, reach, and engagement with key Google Search features in Kenya, specifically focusing on sports, jobs, and discovery/news. In order to achieve this, our approach centered around selecting a number of micro-influencers and content creators who had established themselves as trusted voices in these respective domains. 

By leveraging their influence and reach, we aimed to capture the attention of the Kenyan youth and encourage them to explore and adopt these search features. Each influencer was provided with a unique deep link to track activations.

We engaged a total of 40 premium influencers for the campaign, primarily using Instagram as the main platform, with cross-posting on TikTok and Facebook. Additionally, over 4,079 nano-influencers participated in the conversations.

Post Types

Instagram Reels And stories
Facebook posts
TikTok posts
Twitter conversations
The Big, Beautiful Highlights

The total engagements reached 2.3 million, with 1.6 million on Instagram, 444,000 on Twitter, and 205,000 on TikTok. 

The average engagement rate was 19.55%, with Instagram at 31.84%, Twitter at 6.7%, and TikTok at 9.3%. The combined sentiment score was 93.3%.

The campaign reached a higher number of people in Nairobi and Mombasa, primarily due to the higher percentage of social media users in these towns. 

Major towns had higher reach levels, attributed to factors such as internet access, devices, and population dynamics related to social media usage.

Platform Performance - Instagram: 

During the campaign's four-week duration, we had 27 reels and 100 Stories on Instagram. The overall reach was 5.2 million, with 1.6 million engagements.  The overall engagement rate for Instagram was 31%, with a sentiment score of 97%.    The engagement rate of 31.8% of reach surpassed global standards of 20%.

Instagram Sentiment Analysis: The majority of comments were positive and resonated with influencer content in news, lifestyle, jobs, and sports.. There were no negative comments related to Google, resulting in an overall sentiment score of 97%.

Cheche On Instagram

Top Engagement Rates:

 The campaign exceeded industry benchmarks for influencers, with 31 influencers achieving an engagement rate of 2% and above. This success can be attributed to the careful selection of influencers and the relatability of their content to their audiences. 

Creator Overview - 

Twitter: Twitter played a crucial role in the campaign, with a mix of 4,000 nano influencers engaged in conversations throughout its duration. The campaign focused on three-day activations each week for the first three weeks, followed by daily conversations from the fourth week to boost Twitter activity. This approach resulted in high engagement rates, surpassing the target of 1% with a remarkable 6% engagement rate. The sentiment score on Twitter stood at an impressive 90%, exceeding the target of 75%.  Notably, in the fourth week, 5,280 Twitter conversations were activated by 1,799 contributors, reaching a total of 4,079 contributors throughout the campaign.

Sample Tweets

Content Overview - TikTok: 

TikTok, known for its popularity among younger audiences, played a significant role in the Google Search campaign. With 25 highlighted posts, the campaign achieved over 2.2 million views and 205,193 engagements, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 9.03%. TikTok's week-on-week growth contributed to over 50% of the total views, demonstrating its effectiveness in raising awareness and visibility. The platform proved to be a valuable channel for reaching younger audiences in Kenya.

Learnings & Recommendations: Based on the campaign's performance and insights gained, several key learnings and recommendations emerged:

  1. Content Execution: Content pieces that included more cast members performed well in terms of engagement. It is recommended to continue pushing for collaborations among influencers and their followers/fans to create compelling and engaging content.
  2. TikTok: Despite being a cross-posting platform, TikTok generated high engagement. To capitalize on its potential, it is recommended to allocate dedicated influencers for TikTok as the primary platform, ensuring a 50-50 split between platforms for optimal results.
  3. Twitter: The three-day deployment and subsequent daily conversations proved effective in boosting engagement. To further enhance Twitter activity, it is recommended to adopt an "always-on" approach for conversations, maintaining a continuous stream of engaging content.
  4. Unique Links:  To ensure continuous engagement, it is recommended to proactively promote individual links and leverage stories for link promotion. Additionally, utilizing WhatsApp seeding can play a significant role in driving link activations.

In conclusion, the Google Search campaign in Kenya successfully achieved its goals of driving awareness, reach, and engagement with key Google Search features among Kenyan youth. By leveraging micro-influencers and content creators, the campaign garnered impressive results on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. The campaign's performance surpassed industry benchmarks, with high engagement rates and a positive sentiment score. The learnings and recommendations obtained from this campaign provide valuable insights for future marketing endeavors.

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