Google Search Campaign: Redefining Engagement in Kenya With Influencer Marketing
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Google Search Campaign: Redefining Engagement in Kenya With Influencer Marketing

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
October 31, 2023


The journey of our Google Search Campaign in Kenya, Part 2, driven by the Wowzi Platform, is a remarkable tale of collaboration and innovation. It all began when MB96, a visionary agency, approached Wowzi with a mission to transform digital marketing in Kenya. Together, we embarked on a journey that harnessed the power of influencer marketing, reshaping engagement and setting new standards in the industry. Here's how Wowzi and MB96 joined forces to bring this campaign to life.

The Approach

 Our mission was clear – to raise awareness and drive the adoption of search features relevant to Kenyan youth through a select group of micro-influencers and content creators. To achieve this, we carefully matched Google with influencers with niche audiences in Sports, Jobs, and Trending News. Each influencer received a unique deep link to track activations, ensuring we could measure our campaign's success effectively.

Our Strategy

Our strategy revolved around engaging a diverse group of influencers. For the Google Search Phase II Campaign spanning eight weeks, we enlisted the support of 65 premium creators. Additionally, we initiated seven Nano conversations on X App, engaging a staggering 1,232 Nano influencers to boost Google link traffic.

The content strategy was robust, featuring 266 pieces that encompassed 165 Reels, 25 Stories, and 76 TikTok Videos. These were shared across Instagram and TikTok. The platform of choice was Instagram and TikTok, with X App as a reliable backup.

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

 The results were outstanding. Our campaign achieved a total reach of 22.4 million on Instagram and Twitter, with an impressive 11.7 million engagements and 1.07 million views across all platforms. The average engagement rate soared to 4.8%, while the sentiment score maintained an impressive average of 90%.

IG was the standout platform, with a staggering 20 million reach, 6.3 million views, and 639,000 engagements. TikTok closely followed in terms of views and engagements, with Twitter also delivering positive engagement rates.

Influencers were carefully selected based on their location, with creators from Nairobi and Mombasa emerging as the most engaged. Nairobi's high population and diverse audience exposed the content to a vast number of viewers.

Our strategy included content in vernacular, with nine pieces posted on both IG and TikTok. This approach significantly boosted vernacular content performance, resulting in a reach of 2.6 million, 4.7 million views, and 122,000 engagements. Instagram saw steady performance improvements, with a 10.2% average engagement rate and a 92% sentiment score.

TikTok, boasting 76 reels from 33 creators, achieved a remarkable 5.3 million views and 343,000 engagements. The high engagement rate of 7.12% was further amplified by 14,001 shares and 24,176 saves.

On X App, we engaged 1,232 Nano influencers in seven conversations to drive traffic and prompt subscriptions for job notifications. This endeavor reached 1.7 million people and garnered 44,197 engagements. An average engagement rate of 2% and a sentiment score of 86% showcased a positive campaign reception.

Our successful approach included consistent use of CTA messaging, leveraging vernacular content creators for storytelling, increasing content output, employing WhatsApp seeding, and effectively utilizing nano influencers on Twitter.

In summary, The Google Search Campaign, Part 2, has not only achieved remarkable results but also set new standards for influencer-driven campaigns, showcasing the power of tailored strategies and the Wowzi Platform.

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