How Standard Chartered Leveraged On Influencer Marketing For SC Shilingi Funds
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How Standard Chartered Leveraged On Influencer Marketing For SC Shilingi Funds

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
November 18, 2022


Standard Chartered Bank was launching a money market Fund that combines a customer's current account with a local currency money market fund investment to provide clients with higher returns. The 100% digital investment product available on the Standard Chartered Mobile app allows clients to invest amounts as low as Kshs 1000, earn competitive interests and withdraw funds anytime.


We proposed to use 6 premium influencers and 50 nanos. Our team curated and vetted top-tier influencers who created engaging and genuine content in a variety of verticals. These influencers aligned with a targeted demographic of Gen Z and young millennials ages 18-34 years old.

The influencers all displayed high-quality content  and authenticity as they embodied the brand’s messaging in a way that resonated with the target demographics.

Channels: Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook.


  1. Create awareness for the MMF 
  2. Educate audience on MMF  USP’s.
  3. Induce sign ups for SC MMF 

Influencers Used

Njugush screengrab from SC Shillingi skit
Wakavinye screengrab from the SC Shillingi skit
Pascal Tokodi on Instagram


The campaign garnered significant results with analytics coming in at over 19.8 M reach and an engagement rate of 9.94%.

If you’re interested in reaching your audience with niche communities through influencers, feel free to contact us. Drop us an email at or message us on any of our social media channels.