How the Wowzi Platform Excels at Ensuring Content Compliance in Heavily Regulated Industries
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How the Wowzi Platform Excels at Ensuring Content Compliance in Heavily Regulated Industries

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
May 24, 2023

Wowzi is Africa’s ultimate influencer marketing and creator management platform, enabling you to discover, enlist, and oversee genuine connections that generate brand love.

And as you all know, In today's digital age, heavily regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, and FMCGs face a significant challenge when it comes to ensuring content compliance. Adhering to strict regulations, industry standards, and maintaining data privacy is crucial to avoid legal consequences, financial penalties, and reputational damage.

Content compliance is an essential aspect of influencer marketing to ensure that advertising and promotional materials adhere to legal, ethical, and industry guidelines. Compliance helps protect consumers from deceptive or misleading content while maintaining transparency in influencer-brand partnerships. 

Let us explore how Wowzi does it;

  1. Unleashing the Power of Social Media Verification on the Wowzi App!

Picture this: a bustling digital world where influencers thrive, campaigns flourish, and creativity knows no bounds. Welcome to Wowzi, where every account is a gateway to boundless opportunities. But hold on, there's a catch!  To ensure a vibrant ecosystem that prioritizes brand safety and campaign excellence, the Influencer success team has an ace up their sleeve—social media verification! 

Yes, you heard it right. Whether you're a seasoned influencer or a fresh face in the game, every linked account on the Wowzi app undergoes a social media verification process. This process enables us to make sure we have the best for the brands that come to us to facilitate influencer marketing campaigns. Our team is on the frontlines to ensure every piece of content is moderated and ultimately verified when it meets the requirements and guidelines outlined in your brief. 

  1. Brand Immersion Sessions

But wait, there's more!  We also host brand immersions (some physical, some virtual) for clients as a prerequisite for creators to be able to work on your brand campaign, verifying that they are fully aware of your needs and content constraints. 

During these immersive sessions, influencers get an up-close and personal encounter with the client's vision, values, and objectives. It's a chance for creators to immerse themselves in the brand's universe, ensuring their content resonates authentically with the target audience. From understanding the brand's unique story to embracing its distinct personality, these brand immersions add an extra layer of depth and connection to every campaign. 

  1. The Content Quality Check

Influencers are then required to preview their dazzling content by sharing the links of their work-in-progress masterpieces on the Wowzi app. The campaign verification team meticulously scrutinizes these posts. Our internal team is on a mission to ensure that every influencer adheres to the campaign brief, captures the right must-haves, and includes the all-important hashtags. Once reviewed, posts are either accepted, rejected, or marked as problematic, and feedback is shared on how to bring the deliverable into compliance. We invest heavily in brand immersions and the briefing up front with creators, so we minimizes edit rounds to ensure timely campaign delivery. 

  1. Editing Content 

Sometimes, even the most talented influencers stumble on their path to perfection. If the initial round of verification reveals areas for improvement or leads to a dreaded rejection, influencers are given a golden opportunity to make things right. They have a mere 8 hours and one last shot at redemption to polish their content, implement necessary changes, and relink it on the app. 

  1. Time Verification (or 3rd Verification) 

This marks a momentous occasion for every influencer who has passed the quality verification with flying colors. It's time for the ultimate test—the time verification. Once a post receives the coveted stamp of approval, payments are primed to roll out. Automated systems ensure that all posts have to remain up for at least 7 days – once this hurdle is cleared, we start processing influencer payment. 

So there you have it—the social media verification journey on Wowzi. The entire, multi-stage process is specifically designed to ensure compliance for sensitive messaging in heavily regulated industries, so that every piece of content that gets published is on point; Wowzi provides a comprehensive solution to meet compliance requirements while streamlining operations.