Nano Influencers Taking Over?
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Nano Influencers Taking Over?

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
October 24, 2022

We're talking about the new influencer!

Nano influencers are a relatively new form of micro-influencers that are taking over the world (and our Instagram feeds). They may be smaller than micro-influencers, but they're just as powerful and can bring you more traffic than even your most popular figures on social media.

So what's so special about them? They have fewer followers, so they don't have to post as often. But that doesn't mean they don't have a lot of influence! Nano influencers usually have only a few hundred followers—and often fewer than 10,000 followers. But with those few thousand people looking at their posts every day, it's pretty easy to reach many people immediately.

And if someone posts something interesting on their feed? People will probably click through and take notice! Not only does this mean more engagement for you as a brand, but it also means more potential customers for your business or brand.

Why use nano influencers for your campaigns?

Be careful not to miss out on the opportunity to work with a nano influencer. They are a new type of influencer, defined as an individual who has less than 10K followers on Twitter or Instagram. They have an impact on their target audience’s perceptions and behavior. These personalities inspire consumers and make them loyal buyers of products, services and experiences offered by brands they endorse.

Nano influencers are a great way to reach your target audience. With their broad reach and high engagement rates, they’re the perfect online community for your brand.

Relatability - they are your normal day to day people hence they appeal to many people because their experiences are a replica of what goes on through a day in their life.

Numbers - You can work with a huge number of influencers who can help create a buzz on a trending topic hence creating awareness of a new or existing product/ service.

Diverse content from life experiences - people have different experiences that can be used to showcase usability of a product, their experience using the product, how it has changed their lives among many others.

Higher engagement- Because the audiences are so small, nano influencers are able to regularly engage with their audiences on a one-on-one basis. This increases follower loyalty and helps the influencer stay in touch with their core following. 

Examples of major brands leveraging nano influencer content 


George_zuko on Instagram


Senaji Official On Instagram

Ariel Liquid


Key Takeaway:

To drive growth, brands want to connect with more people. But who are the influencers that best-connect their audience? A new breed of “nano-influencers” is driving a shift in industry thinking with unique engagement levels and a deeper understanding of your brand than the big media names. By partnering with influencers that are right for your audience, it’s not just about reaching an engaged audience, but creating an authentic social proof experience that drives results.