Netflix's Bridgerton Campaign: A Triumph in Audience Engagement Dominating Conversations and Captivating Screens In Kenya
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Netflix's Bridgerton Campaign: A Triumph in Audience Engagement Dominating Conversations and Captivating Screens In Kenya

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
September 4, 2023

The Goal

Netflix, a trailblazer in the streaming industry, sought to launch a new season of its immensely popular show, Bridgerton. The challenge lay in ensuring that this new season not only captured the audience's attention but also ignited conversations that would permeate social spheres and lead to binge-watching sessions.

Aspiring to maintain top-of-mind awareness for the show and infusing the campaign with elements of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), the objective was clear, yet the approach needed to be both innovative and strategically impactful.

The Direction

Enter the "Dominating Screens and Conversations" campaign. Leveraging our platform’s pool of creators, Netflix curated a multi-platform strategy encompassing Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Podcasts. The campaign enlisted Nanos, key influencers, to drive discussions on Twitter, subtly weaving in conversations about Bridgerton.

Nano influencers were our key influencers pushing volumes on the streets of Twitter through conversations around the show. Our 5 premium influencers changed, their profile pictures to represent the characters of the show. Aside from their commissioned deliverables, we had a number of value-added pieces from them as well.

These influencers embraced their roles further by adopting the personas of the show's characters in their profile pictures, enhancing immersion.

The pinnacle of the campaign was a Twitter Space event hosted by Kwamboxx, a move that proved monumental. As conversations swirled around the show's anticipation, the event trended as the #1 topic for a remarkable 36 hours.

We recognized the potential of influencers to spark genuine conversations about the show, and the Twitter Space was a masterstroke in engagement.

The Results

  • Top of Mind Awareness: The campaign garnered over 57.5 million reach ensuring Bridgerton was etched into the minds of the audience.
  • FOMO Generated: A staggering 72.52% engagement rate testified to the sense of urgency and curiosity the campaign generated.
  • Binge-watching Instigated: With over 143.1 million impressions, the show prompted a binge-watching spree, reflecting the success of the campaign.
  • Influencer Amplification: Over 2132 nano influencers passionately drove discussions about Bridgerton, reaching a wider audience organically.
  • Trending Triumph: The campaign's hashtag achieved the top spot, amplifying the show's presence across social media.
  • Conversations Magnified: An impressive 20K tweets and 17.8K retweets exemplified the fervor surrounding the campaign.
  • Twitter Space Impact: The Twitter space drew over 500 attendees, fostering an interactive and engaged community.


Netflix's Bridgerton Season Campaign stands as a testament to the power of strategic influencer engagement and multi-platform synergy. By capitalizing on our platform's creative talent, Netflix successfully maintained top-of-mind awareness, instilled FOMO, and triggered a binge-watching phenomenon. This case study underscores the art of harnessing social dynamics to create a buzz that transcends screens and permeates conversations.

With the right approach and innovative strategies, any campaign can leave an indelible mark on the audience, just as Bridgerton did.

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