Coca-cola Creator Marketing In Tanzania For #RealMagic
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Coca-cola Creator Marketing In Tanzania For #RealMagic

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
September 29, 2022

Coca-Cola is passionate about the connection between the brand and its consumers. There's magic in all the things you love. And when you have Coca-Cola, you can share that magic, anywhere and everywhere. Whether it's an intense rivalry in a video game or binging on your favourite TV shows, Coca-Cola is there to be your favourite drink whenever, wherever. The purpose of this campaign was to communicate "Turn your screen time into magical moments with Coca-Cola."

Enjoying screen time with Coke is not about stopping and pausing like there is no tomorrow. It is about getting into a cool dimension where everything is possible.

All emotions triggered by screen time content, are similar to whatCoca‐Cola triggers in us. To deliver the campaign’s message, our influencers generated engaging content showcasing magical screen-time moments that are enhanced by having a Coke on the side.


The campaign looked to trigger magical feelings while enjoying screen -time by showcasing creative content around the cool dimension with endless possibilities only viable when having Coke as part of your screen time starter-pack.


Getting influencers to create content that is engaging showcasing magical moments with coca-cola and your screen. We managed to leverage a mix of Premium Macro and MicroInfluencer audiences to land the campaign in a way that showcases family bonding. Our team curated and vetted top-tier influencers from micro to macro for this particular campaign. They recruited 8 top-tier lifestyle influencers that covered a wide range of industries, and who created diverse video and static photo content to showcase how they incorporate coca-cola in their daily screen time with friends and family. The chosen influencers demonstrated proficiency in high-quality content, relatability, and authenticity in relaying the brand’s message in a way that resonated with the target demographics.

CampaignExecution & Outcome

Building excitement around the brand by key diverse audience. Total activated community was 6.7M people