What Comes After Reach & Impressions? How Wowzi’s Reporting Tools Are Keeping Score.
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What Comes After Reach & Impressions? How Wowzi’s Reporting Tools Are Keeping Score.

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
May 30, 2023

Contrary to popular belief, running an influencer campaign isn't a set-it-and-forget-it type of endeavor. The truth is, campaign management requires meticulous attention and continuous monitoring because...gone are the days when reach and impressions were the sole metrics to measure success. 

Today, marketers and brands are looking for comprehensive reporting tools that provide deeper insights into engagement, campaign results, and long-term success. 

Here at Wowzi, we offer a range of capabilities that go beyond reach and impressions, ensuring transparent and effective measurement of campaign performance. In this article, we will explore how Wowzi's reporting is revolutionizing the way influencers and marketers measure success.

But first of all, let us understand;

Which Metrics Should You Track with an Influencer Campaign?

That's the question brands, especially CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) want to know consistently before, during, and after their influencer campaign. Which metrics will have a significant impact on our brand?

Here is a list of the key metrics to monitor during an influencer marketing strategy campaign:

  1. Post Engagements: The total count of likes, comments, and shares on a post.
  2. Engagement Rate: The percentage of post engagements relative to the total number of followers, calculated as post engagements divided by total followers multiplied by 100.
  3. Story Views: The number of times an Instagram story has been viewed by users.
  4. Post Video Views: The number of times an Instagram video post has been viewed by users.
  5. Post Impressions: The total number of people who have seen your content.
  6. Post Reach: The total number of unique individuals who have seen your content.
  7. Clicks: The number of actions taken on a post in the form of clicks on designated URLs, including links in bios, swipe-ups, and post links.
  8. Unique UTM Links: Unique tracking codes are added to the end of URLs to monitor clicks and measure the performance of marketing activities.
  9. Brand Sentiment: The relevance of branded content to the influencer's audience and whether it resonates with them.

The choice of preferred metrics from this list depends on the specific goals of your influencer marketing campaign strategy.

Buckle Up,

Let us get to understand the Wowzi platform, Our platform has a myriad of capabilities that can help you get top-tier insights through our campaign reports;

Understanding Engagement & Reach:

One of the key features of Wowzi's reporting is our ability to provide automated reporting, offering a transparent way to showcase campaign results as soon as they finish. While reach and impressions provide a broad understanding of campaign visibility, engagement metrics allow marketers to gauge how well their content is resonating with the target audience. Wowzi's reporting delves into engagement data, including likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates, enabling influencers and marketers to assess the true impact of their campaigns. By understanding engagement and reach together, users gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their content and the overall campaign performance.

Report & Campaign Results Library:

We understand the importance of having a centralized repository for all campaign reports and results. We provide a convenient and easily accessible library, ensuring that no campaign insights are lost or overlooked. Having all reports in one place allows you as a marketer to revisit previous campaigns whenever you need to analyze performance or extract learnings for future campaigns. This in turn makes it easier to track progress, identify patterns, and optimize strategies over time.

To help users grasp the full potential of Wowzi's reporting tools, this guide showcases the step-by-step process of utilizing Wowzi's capabilities, ensuring that users can navigate through the reporting functionalities effortlessly. By following the visual guide, marketers can gain a deeper understanding of how to interpret and utilize the wealth of data provided by Wowzi, ultimately leading to more informed decisions and improved campaign outcomes.

A highlight of the back-end reporting platform

In the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing, relying solely on reach and impressions is no longer sufficient. Wowzi's reporting  redefines the way success is measured, going beyond surface-level metrics to provide comprehensive insights into engagement, campaign results, and long-term performance. With automated reporting and a centralized library, Wowzi ensures transparency and accessibility for influencers and marketers to monitor their campaigns effectively. By leveraging these tools, users can make data-driven decisions, optimize their strategies, and achieve remarkable results in their influencer marketing efforts.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’d rather talk to a human, we have a couple here who are pretty awesome. We shall gladly help you see how Wowzi can help you achieve your marketing goals through Influencer Campaigns using our platform ;-)