Case Study:  Unleashing Excitement: Smirnoff Fiesta Campaign's Journey with Wowzi Influencers
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Case Study: Unleashing Excitement: Smirnoff Fiesta Campaign's Journey with Wowzi Influencers

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
February 9, 2024


In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, creating a buzz requires creativity, strategy, and a touch of Wowzi magic with the diverse creators on our platform. Smirnoff, the iconic spirits brand, embarked on an exhilarating journey with Wowzi to unveil the 'Unleash Your Edge' Fiesta in Machakos. The objective was clear: ignite social media conversations and generate anticipation for the much-anticipated event.

Setting the Stage

Understanding the power of influencer marketing, Smirnoff turned to Wowzi, leveraging Nano influencers to ensure authentic engagement and maximum reach. The campaign's focal point was not just to create awareness but to curate an experience that would resonate with the target audience long after the fiesta ended.

Target Audience

The campaign honed in on the vibrant residents of Machakos, with a special nod to the student demographic. Nano influencers, chosen meticulously through Wowzi, were poised to be the catalysts for sparking conversations and building excitement.

Campaign Metrics/KPIs

To measure success, Smirnoff set key performance indicators (KPIs) encompassing sentiment scores, trending topics, reach, views, and engagement rates.

Influencer Symphony

Utilizing Nano Basic, Nano Medium, and Nano Plus influencers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the campaign orchestrated a harmonious engagement of 975K people. The influencers became the virtuosos, conducting a symphony that reached 50K views and garnered 1.5K engagements.

Metrics Breakdown

  • Reach: An impressive 945k.
  • Views: A captivating 50k.
  • Platform-Specific Reach:
  • Facebook: 407,207
  • Twitter: 439,630
  • Instagram: 128,211
  • Likes: Dominating at 78.7%.
  • Retweets/Shares: A staggering 439,630
  • Engagement Rate: A compelling 3.2%.

Strategic Brilliance

The Big, Beautiful Highlights:At the heart of the campaign strategy was 'The Big, Beautiful Highlights'—a post type designed to captivate the audience. Visual delights showcased key elements of the Fiesta, offering sneak peeks of the venue, artist line-ups, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

The Wowzi Touch: Recommendations for Future Brilliance

  1. Platform Emphasis: Twitter and Facebook emerged as conversation hubs; future campaigns could amplify impact by focusing efforts on these platforms.
  2. Engagement Boost: Encouraging influencers to craft content that sparks more interactions can further enhance campaign effectiveness.
  3. Diversify Content: Exploring diverse content types will ensure a continuous and evolving connection with the audience.


The Smirnoff Fiesta Campaign not only achieved its primary goal but set the stage for future triumphs. Wowzi's platform played a pivotal role in connecting Smirnoff with influencers who could authentically amplify the brand message. As the curtain falls on this campaign, the echoes of excitement linger—an ode to the success born out of strategic influencer collaboration and the enchantment of Wowzi.

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