Influencer Marketing And Ethics?
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Influencer Marketing And Ethics?

Sharon Muhambe
Sharon Muhambe
September 4, 2023

We have seen how influencer marketing has risen to become an effective marketing strategy for brands to market their products or services to their target audience. In any marketing activity, there are some ethical practices that need to be followed,  this is because some brands and influencers might exploit the opportunity and trick customers to make money, throwing ethics out of the partnerships.

Let's dive into ethical influencer marketing practices! 🌟 It's all about being real, upfront, and true to you. Here are the key moves:

Transparency: Always shout out when it's a brand collab with #ad or #sponsored, or drop that disclaimer like #paidpartnership. 

Honesty: Promote stuff you'd actually use! Keep it 100, don't hype things up.

Authenticity: Just be YOU! No faking it until you make it. Share your real experiences.

 Responsibility: Think twice before sharing. Avoid harmful stuff, and keep your audience safe! 

Plus, influencers, let's get industry-specific with ethics! 

Health & Wellness: No fake health claims, fam. Keep it real about product benefits. Don't mess with people's well-being.

Fashion: Be eco-conscious! Know the impact of what you rock. Promote sustainable choices, and make Mother Earth proud.

Gaming: Stay cool, don't fuel addiction. Game responsibly!

Stick to these industry-wise ethics, and you'll not only rock your campaigns but also earn trust and love from your followers.

Here are some additional tips for ethical influencer marketing:

  • Choose influencers who are a good fit for your brand and your target audience.
  • Set clear expectations for the collaboration, including the type of content that will be created, the frequency of posts, and the disclosure requirements.
  • Provide influencers with the necessary materials and resources to create high-quality content.
  • Monitor the influencer's posts to ensure that they are complying with the agreed-upon terms.
  • Give feedback to the influencer on their performance and make suggestions for improvement.
Unethical influencer marketing what it does?

Unethical influencer marketing spells trouble on multiple fronts:

  • Influencer Credibility Crush: Going shady? You're risking your trust bank with your followers. Losing that credibility can be a one-way ticket to follower loss and sponsorship drought.
  • Brand Blunder: Brands partnering with shady influencers? Bad move! Your reputation takes a hit, leading to lost sales and a tarnished image. No one wants that.
  • Consumer Woes: Misleading marketing? It hurts consumers. They might make bad choices that impact their health, wallet, or safety. Let's keep it clean for everyone's sake!

Here are some additional tips for avoiding unethical influencer marketing:

  • Do your research: Before working with an influencer, research their past work and make sure they have a good reputation. We have a pool of reputable influencers on our platform. Find out how you can use our platform for influencer discovery
  • Get it in writing: Get everything in writing, including the terms of the collaboration, the disclosure requirements, and the consequences for non-compliance.
  • Monitor the influencer's posts: Once the collaboration is underway, monitor the influencer's posts to make sure they are complying with the agreed-upon terms.

With the brands that work with us, we make sure that content compliance is a very important aspect of our campaigns. Read more about this here.

When influencer marketing is done unethically, it can have serious consequences for both the influencer and the brand. It is important for both influencers and brands to be aware of the ethical guidelines for influencer marketing and to avoid engaging in unethical practices.

For example, let us look at “The Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad: In 2017, Kendall Jenner starred in an ad for Pepsi that was widely criticized for being insensitive and tone-deaf. The ad depicted Jenner offering a can of Pepsi to a police officer during a protest, which many people saw as trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement. The ad was pulled from circulation and Pepsi apologized for it.” Despite this, Kendall received backlash for this.


In conclusion, the repercussions of unethical influencer marketing ripple far and wide, affecting both influencers and brands. It's a cautionary tale, underscoring the vital importance of adhering to ethical guidelines in this dynamic landscape. To safeguard credibility, trust, and the well-being of consumers, influencers and brands alike must commit to principled influencer marketing practices. In this way, we can collectively foster a culture of responsible, authentic, and impactful influencer marketing.

We will handle all of these for you if you let us; reach out to us. Wowzi as a platform revolutionizes the influencer marketing landscape, making it a win-win for creators and brands alike. In the era of brand trust and influencer marketing, Wowzi paves the way for success stories that set new industry benchmarks.